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How to get OneUI 2 (Android 10 Q) in Canada

Dernière mise à jour : 11 déc. 2019

Hello! Samsung has opened their OneUI 2.0 beta programme and this year again, us Canadians are not included. So, here is a neat, rewritten tutorial to get the beta anyway. I have revisited the whole how-to and made sure there was no error anywhere and clarified what needed to be. Before we delve deeper into the subject, I must present you with the obligatory waiver text:

Whatever you might do from now on is your decision alone. I may not be held responsible for the consequences of your decisions.

Now that no one may sue me, we shall continue.

Please be aware that while there is a peculiar ZRJC build on the servers for Canadian S10 series phones, it is impossible to know whether or not this build will be made available. There is nothing, except from this build, that suggests Canada will be part of the beta.

EDIT: Called it.

As of time of writing, we only have the files for the Galaxy S10+ and the Note10+. As soon as/if the files for other devices are made public, they will be available here. It is no use to ask me if I have your device's files because if they aren't here, I don't have them. This year, these devices will get access to a beta of some sort:

Galaxy S10 Series (S10+)

Galaxy S9 Series (S9+)

Galaxy Note10 Series (Note10+)

Galaxy Note9

It is possible that some phones of the Ax0 series (A50, A70...) may join the beta at a later date. If that's the case, I will attempt to also provide the files and steps for these devices here.

Please double-check that your device is a Canadian model before you proceed. Make sure your model number ends with a W, and not a 0, F, FD, G or N. If you don't have a W model, your device is not Canadian. Proceeding with this tutorial may damage or brick your device. If that happens, the help I can give you is very limited. You may still try to flash your device's stock firmware but I won't make those files available here. So, if you have an S10,, for example, your model must be SM-G973W. Not SM-G973F.

Using beta software will not void your warranty or blow the Knox fuse/bit. However, it may disable SafetyNet, which means that some apps that rely on SafetyNet, such as Google Pay, will not be functioning. This situation will be resolved when the firmware you are using gets certified by Google. You do not have to do anything for this to happen but this may take a while or never happen at all, depending on your particular version.

Finally, please backup all your data now. The device may factory reset during the process. It is never too safe to be sorry.

Pfew, lot of text huh? But hey, now that you know every important bit of information, nothing can stop us now. So let's get started:

Part 1 - Copying the necessary files

1: Go to this link:!Av9nrwh43L-a33P1vpWypeZVyR4I?e=3o1d7y

2: Download the folders named "Standard Package" and "OneUI (Your phone)". Unzip the .zip files you have downloaded into a folder named OneUI. I strongly recommend you keep the files you have downloaded as they will be useful later. If done correctly, your folder will look like this:

3: Don't have an SD Card? Skip this step.

Plug your phone to your computer. Open the "OneUI (your model)" folder and copy the .zip file named "(Your model) Beta (Version) Update 2" on the root of your SD Card. Some devices will need more than one .zip archive, and they will be numbered Update 2 to X. You must copy all of them.

Part 2- Installing the US Firmware

4: Turn off your phone.

5: Reboot in Download Mode. To do so, please hold down the Volume Down, Bixby and Power buttons at the same time.

How to get into Download mode

If your device lacks a Bixby Key, such as the Note10 series, you only need to use the Volume Down and Power Key, like so:

6: A teal screen will appear with a warning. Just press Volume Up to confirm you know what you are doing.

7: On your PC, open the folder "Standard Package" and open Odin.

8: Click on the BL button. In the popup window that appears, navigate to the "OneUI (Your Model)" folder, then in the "US FW" folder. Select the file that starts with BL and hit Open.

And then click on AP and select the file that starts with AP. Easy, right?

9: Wait a bit.

10: Repeat for AP, CP and CSC. AP will take much longer than the others, this is normal. USERDATA must remain empty!

11: Plug your phone to your computer while still being in Download mode. Then, hit Start.

12: This will take a while, so be patient. If everything goes as planned, you'll see PASS appear in Odin.

Part 3 - Installing the Beta

13: Wait until your phone reboots in Fastboot. If it didn't do it itself, turn off your phone, then hold the Volume Up, Bixby and Power buttons. In fastboot, you navigate with the volume buttons and you select with Power.

That's how you navigate in Fastboot

14: If you still don't have an SD Card, skip steps 14 and 15.

Navigate to "Apply Update from SD Card". Then, select the file named "(Your model) Beta (Version) Update 2". Wait for 10-15 minutes, this will take some time. The phone will look like it isn't doing anything, but it isn't frozen or stuck so don't interrupt this.

15: Your phone will reboot after this. The first boot may take some time and then it might start to "Optimize apps" so just wait for it. And... voilà! If your device has more than one Update, please repeat the steps 13 and 14 to install each .zip. And... Done! OneUI 2.0!

16: Got an SD Card? No need to do steps 16 to 21 (anyway you are supposed to be running OneUI at this point)

Download this: and unzip the file.

17: On your phone, in Fastboot, navigate to "Apply Update from ADB".

18: On your Computer, open Command Prompt (cmd.exe, you know, the classic hacking program TVs and Movies use).

19: Drag the file named adb (from the file you downloaded in Step 16) into the Command Prompt window. Don't hit Start just yet!

20: In the Command Prompt, press space, then type sideload, then press space again. Drag the "(Your model) Beta (Version) Update 2" file into the window. Then hit Start and then wait.

Your Command Prompt should look like this.

21: Repeat Steps 13, 14, 17 to 20 with to install the remaining Update X.zips if your device has more than one .zip archive. Otherwise, welcome to OneUI 2.0!

Revert to Pie/OneUI 1.x

Don't like the dessert-less Android version? Hate using Yet Another Nameless Tenth OS Version? No problem, just do these simple steps:


Reboot into Download Mode. Open Odin and click on BL. In the popup window, navigate to the Canada FW folder and select the file that starts with BL. Repeat for AP, CP and CSC. Hit start. And back to Pie!

Restore network features and Samsung Canada services

Pretty important features, I'll say. Would be a shame if you couldn't use Samsung Pay, Samsung Members or WiFi-Calling, HD Voice, Video Calling and VoLTE while enjoying the beta, wouldn't it? Too bad, you'll have to make a choice. Or you can just do this:

To restore those features, you just need to reboot in Download Mode, open Odin and click on CSC. In the popup window, navigate to the Canada FW folder and select the file that begins with CSC. Nothing else. Hit start and there you go!

Got any question, comments or issues? Feel free to comment here or send me an e-mail at . Have a nice day!

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