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Ne me lisez pas, le post est plus bas!

Don't read me, the post is lower!

One UI 4.0 Beta 3 now available for the S21 Ultra!

Hello everyone. I would like to announce the availability of the 3rd One UI 4 beta for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I had uploaded it this Saturday actually but I was very busy + struggling with a very nasty illness, and forgot to make this post once it was uploaded. You may find it in the folder as with the previous betas.

Hopefully you guys have found my post on mobile photography sensors enlightening though! Or not, I know the vast majority of my subscribers would've never come here were it not for the OneUI beta for Canada, and will terminate their subscription once the stable release is available, which I'm perfectly fine with. Regardless, I'll have a translated version available by next week, hopefully. As always, as much as I want to commit to a set date, there are simply far too many things happening for me to promise an ETA that is likely to be accurate. However, I absolutely have to release a post prior to the Black Friday event related to smartphones and tablets, this time in English from the start. If I am lucky, I might also have something on computers ready but that is admittedly a stretch. We'll have to see then!

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