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Ne me lisez pas, le post est plus bas!

Don't read me, the post is lower!

If you are thinking about pre-ordering the S21 series... don't.

As of writing, the Note20 Ultra is going for 50$ less than the S21 Ultra, comes with the S-Pen in the box that also fits in the phone (along with a free charger) and has a MicroSD slot. The S21U only offers a 10x zoom while removing the option to expand inexpensively and conveniently your storage, with less RAM as well. A 1600$ phone that would become obsolete when your base storage becomes saturated is a nonsense. Then, let's address the S21. Versus the S20, you can only count on the Snapdragon 888 (which is also not a revolutionary upgrade) and front Victus glass to compensate for the downgraded display, shamelessly not disclosed plastic back and lack of a MicroSD slot. Nothing else. Cameras are exactly the same, so is the battery. Base storage stagnated as well while they proudly boasted for the last two years that your S10/S20 could have upwards of 1TB of storage thanks to the power of MicroSD cards. Between these two is the S21+ that frankly is the worst possible bridge between the base and Ultra. It's just a big S21 with Victus on the other side. There's no feature that trickled down, not even optical zoom. Versus its predecessor, the loss of the QHD display and MicroSD slot does nothing to sweeten the deal. Finally, concluding on the selling points of this new lineup... there aren't any. Extremely modest up(and down, more downs than ups)grades that don't warrant the significant cost. If you passed on the S20 series, you have no reason to get the S21s unless your phone is almost dead. If you have an S20 series/N20U, there's nothing new for you here. Samsung themselves admitted it in the disappointing livestream, talking in great lengths about the design and features already available in past devices, along with continuing to spread lies such as "pro-grade/studio (!!!) camera". What's my APS-C mirrorless camera categorized as, then? God-tier? Save your money. You can survive until next year or until the next Note/FE. That's my advice to you. (PS: I know I've insisted a lot about the lack of expandable storage but that's a very important detail. Cloud isn't an alternative, not without unlimited data plans and universal coverage. Plus, at the price of the subscription, you could buy a permanent 1TB card instead of a more expensive, ephemeral storage stashed in someone's server. This Unpacked was such a humongous [something something] that I had to voice my thoughts.) (PPS: One big positive is that they finally offer customized phones. They're just special order but pre-established colours, but that's a huge step up from the previous logic of offering good colours there but not to us poor and worthless canadians. Congratulations)

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