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Ne me lisez pas, le post est plus bas!

Don't read me, the post is lower!

Concept for S Members: Galaxy Gallery

As today, the app received an excellent overhaul, I got an idea. What idea? See for yourself:

I had the idea to completely remake the posts page of the Galaxy Gallery. It's based off the actual Gallery of the phone. Here's a more detailed view:

Now allow me to explain why everything is placed that way. 1 - Full Screen Picture The picture is first shown as in the concept image, but with this new button, you can fully enjoy the pic! 2- Social Counters I've moved them here to make way for everything else that follows. It looks also better this way, no? The buttons are interactive like they  are now, so if you tap on the Comments icon, you'll jump directly to the Comments section. Long-pressing the Heart icon would make the list of everyone who liked your picture appear. 3- Time and Location. Users would be able to allow the Time and Location data to be uploaded along with their picture. Location info would not be precise, limiting itself to showing the name of the city/area where the picture was taken. It is completely optional. Tapping the location will show the viewer all pics taken from this city/area. 4- Type of lens used and resolution mode As phones now have multiple lenses, this info would prove useful to prospective photographers. Resolution mode is also here since many Samsung phones now employ either a "full resolution" mode or a "binned" mode (like the S20 Ultra, which has a 108MP mode and a 9-in-1 12MP mode, or the A70's 32MP/8MP mode...). Since both modes have their advantages and disadvantages, this info is also useful. 5 - EXIF Info + Camera Mode Showing EXIF info is again useful to prospective photographers. Plus, there's also the Camera Mode, which shows what mode the camera app was on during the picture. 6- Automatic Tags The community would run the same recognition software as the stock Gallery app and automatically assign these pics such tags. 6A- More Tags This shows all the tags this picture was tagged by. Since automatic recognition might create quite a few tags, it's better to lay them out there. 7- Scroll to comment! To let the picture be the spotlight, the comments are not shown automatically. Scrolling will reveal them. 8- Community Picks! (not shown) Each week/month, moderators and some specific Members will pick the very best pictures posted and these pictures will gain a special icon besides the Heart counter to show that these are indeed excellent pictures and recognized by the community. These pictures will also be posted in a new section of the Gallery called "Community Picks" to showcase the true potential of the community (and Galaxy!). Only these pictures would be shown

on the home screen, but the full Galaxy Gallery will remain available.

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