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Ne me lisez pas, le post est plus bas!

Don't read me, the post is lower!

Before the OneUI 4 beta arrives...

The release of the OneUI 4.0 beta is imminent and I am planning to offer all which is needed to access it once more. However, I have several important things to note pertaining to this:

Firstly, while I will do all I can to offer this service, I’m currently not doing alright, and it will only be worse for as far as I can see. I still try to write but maybe it has occurred to my readers that I’m not in my normal state. It must have transpired through my lower-than-usual writing quality. I hope to be able to remain in a decent enough mental state to offer updates and everything but I cannot offer any guarantee on that end.

Secondly, I will be offering this service for free, as always, but I will require one thing from its users, and that is not negotiable. All I request is that nobody share the direct download links. You will be able to share a very short and convenient link instead of https://nowthatis.a.longlonglink.come/on/wouldn_t/itbebettertosimplysharetheshortlink.pls?=thanks. If I see that the direct download links are shared (and I will be monitoring that), I will simply revoke them. That will be the end of the file hosting by me. I really do not think this is an outlandish request and this requires no additional effort. I will add a warning on the beta access page to ensure everyone is aware of this rule. I cannot stress strongly enough that I am not in a state to rebuild links in a continuous fashion so please follow this simple rule.

Thirdly, I am working on the beta page now as part of the site’s next update, version N6.1. I am currently rushing a bit as we do not know exactly when the beta will launch, so presentation quality might take a hit. It should, however, remain functional. I cannot say the same for the mobile version, which is not my priority now. In any case, the procedure must pass through a PC, which supports my decision to set aside the mobile version for now, at least.

As previously stated, we do not know when exactly the beta will launch but by keeping all of that information in mind, accessing it should be mostly frictionless.

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