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Ne me lisez pas, le post est plus bas!

Don't read me, the post is lower!

Another look at the S22 series

I had a very quick look last Wednesday at the newly announced S22 series. Maybe I was too quick as after I took some time to reflect on this year's Android flagships, I now come to the conclusion that they're not that bad! The new, flatter design looks rather nice and pairs very well with this year's colour palette. Speaking of which, I absolutely love it. The custom colours look very intriguing though the base colours are amazing on their own. My personal favourite is green. The way it shifts based on reflections between a pine forest to an ever-so-slighty blue tinge leaves me speechless. The S22/+ models are good on paper, the base S22 being light and compact but now we don't have to pass on some much-needed camera improvements to benefit from a compact flagship. As for the cameras, we finally have optical zoom. Finally! All while the main sensor became a pixel-binning 50MP shooter, so in reality a much bigger 12.5MP sensor. Then, the current pricing is pretty good! With the SPC discount, the double storage promotion and the dummy telephone trade-in, the asking price strikes me as rather attractive*. In any case, the S21 FE is now worthless due to the sheer value of the S22.

Alright, what about the Note22 Ultra? I'm very intrigued by it. It is apparently more compact than the Note20 Ultra that I have, which is a very welcome improvement. I won't say much more as I've ordered one to review. Well, three. I took two of the online exclusive colours because as I've said before, they had me intrigued. I wonder how the orange/red and blue mix with the matte black frame, the renders shown online being unable to match the live pictures of the phones. I do not know if I will keep any (obviously I'm not going to use three identical phones at once, haha) but I'm looking forward to make a review of them as soon as I get them.

*Additional info on current promotions:

SPC Discount

Double Storage Promotion

Dummy Trade-In

2 Payments On Paybright 36-Month Financing

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