OneUI 4 Beta

Made available to Canada.

A Microsoft Windows PC is required to complete this guide.

Ce guide est conçu pour lecture sur PC uniquement.

Welcome to the One UI 4.0 Beta tutorial!

On this page, you will learn how to install the coveted beta software on your compatible device. Please review thoroughly everything written on this page as to ensure the most frictionless experience towards the next version of One UI.

Bienvenue sur le tuto pour installer la bêta One UI 4.0!

Sur ce site, vous apprendrez comment installer la fameuse bêta sur votre appareil compatible. Lisez attentivement tout ce qui est écrit sur cette page afin de vous assurer que le tout se passe sans accroc. Cliquez sur le bouton suivant pour accéder à la page en français.


This tutorial, along with reliable, high speed file hosting is offered to you for free. This website is completely devoid of any means of monetization. I do not collect and resell any information on you and I do this completely on my own time. All I ask in return is that if you want to share my files and steps to access the beta, you should use the convenient short link below instead of copying the direct download links and copy-pasting the steps. 

Failure to doing so will result in the download links being revoked for all. I genuinely lack the time and energy to update the links every day due to ongoing hardships in life that may never be resolved. All I ask is for your cooperation. Thank you.

Oh, and of course, you do all of that on your own, I cannot be held responsible and all the usual disclaimers.

Short and convenient link to this tutorial: http://chmulti.ca/oneui
Part 0: Ensuring you are ready to go
Ensuring this is the right tutorial for you

Excitement for novelty is a universal feeling, for the most part. What is not universal, however, is the list of devices that may take part of this beta. There are two things to be aware of on that matter.

Firstly, please review the list of eligible devices. Trying to install the beta on a device not listed will result in quite an annoyance for you as it will render your device useless, be it momentarily or worse.

Secondly, please ensure that your device's model number ends with a W. If it does not, then you do not have a Canadian device. U/U1 models work as well but this guide is directed towards Canadians. For European/Overseas models such as F and B, this will cause major problems. Please head to Settings/About and read your model number. Once this is done, you can proceed with this tutorial.

Modèle FR.png
Verify your model number

Eligible devices

*: Beta was announced, not available yet. 


Galaxy S21 (SM-G991W)

Galaxy S21+ (SM-G996W)*

Galaxy S21 Ultra (SM-G998W)

Galaxy Z Flip3 (SM-F711W)

Galaxy Z Fold3 (SM-F926W)

Galaxy S20 (SM-G981W)*

Galaxy S20+ (SM-G986W)

Galaxy S20 Ultra (SM-G988W)

Note20 (SM-N981W)*

Note20 Ultra 5G (SM-N986W)









Devices that will receive OneUI 4 but no betas yet:
Some might get a beta later on. Likely only the 2020 flagships onward.

Note10 Series

Z Fold2

Z Flip 5G Series

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy S10 Series

Galaxy Tab S7 Series

Galaxy Tab S6 Series

Galaxy Ax2 Series

Galaxy Ax1 Series

Galaxy Tab A7 Series

Galaxy Tab A 8.4 LTE

Part 1: Setting up
WARNING: Please backup your data as instructed below.
Step 1: Preserving your data.

To begin the procedure, you must first backup the data present on your device. Mistakes occur often when humans are involved. With the power of technology, you can erase those unfortunate mistakes. Well, as long as it involves computer mishandling. Backing up your data is always a good idea to preserve it in case of a mishap. Now, due to the nature of this procedure, the chances of seeing your data erased are strong. So please go ahead and back up your data right now. You can use Samsung Smart Switch PC to that end. You may download it on Samsung's website by following the right link. You must absolutely have a copy of your data that is not stored on your device. Google Drive and Samsung Cloud backups are very limited and tend to be incomplete. Simply use Smart Switch PC as you will need a PC to proceed in any case. Begin the backup while you proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Getting your very own beta package.

Now is the time to download the firmware. All you need is in one simple link named Beta Firmware Hub. There, you will have to select and download the .zip file that corresponds to your model. If you have a Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, model SM-G998W, you will have to download the file named OneUI 4 S21U Zxxx, where Zxxx is the current beta version included with the package.

Once this is done, you will have to unzip its contents somewhere in a folder named OneUI. Keep its contents safely as they will be of use later on. Ensure that the unzipped file contains three folders, one named Standard Package, one named "Your phone" Canada FW and one named "Your Phone" US Beta, along with one or more zips.

Step 3: Copy the Update.zips (MicroSD Cards only)

If you are lucky enough to have a supported device with a MicroSDXC expansion slot, this will make installing the updates much faster and easier. Otherwise, skip this step.


Plug your phone to your computer. Open the OneUI folder previously downloaded and copy the .zip file named "Your Phone" Update 2 on the root of your SD Card. Some devices will need more than one .zip archive, and they will be numbered Update 2 to X. You must copy all of them. Now remove the MicroSDXC card.

Part 2: The Americanization 
Step 4

Turn off your phone and connect to your PC a data cable. Then, press and hold both Volume buttons with one hand, then plug the data cable to your phone. A teal-coloured warning screen will appear. Dismiss it with Volume Up.

Step 5

On your PC, open the Standard Package folder and open the Odin executable. Then, click on the BL button. In the popup window that appears, navigate to the "OneUI (Your Model)" folder, then in the "US FW" folder. Select the file that starts with BL and hit Open.

Modèle FR.png
Contents of your beta package
Remember to not share the link to the firmware hubs, please.
Password to the hub: BienLeBonjour!

Samsung Smart Switch PC (from samsung.com)


Beta firmware hub

Beta firmware upgrade hub (Available in the future)

Mode DL EN.jpg
How to access Download Mode
Annotation 2020-01-28 155941.png
Using Odin. Click on the AP button and select the file that starts with AP. Simple, right? Note the blue box under ID:COM. It means your device was properly recognized.
Step 6

Repeat with AP, CP and CSC. USERDATA is left empty as this is just the bloatware partition for US.

Note: AP will take a lot of time. This is normal.

Step 7

Now that this is done, you can press Start in Odin. Now you will have to wait for a while. Once this is done, Odin will show PASS.

Part 3: Installing the actual beta
Step 8

Let your device reboot into Fastboot. If it does not do so, power it off, then plug it to your computer again. This time, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons at the same time, until the Samsung "Your Device" boot screen appears. The Fastboot (aka Recovery) menu will appear shortly. Navigation on that screen is done via the Volume Up and Down buttons. Selection is done with the Power button.

Recovery EN.jpg
How to access Fastboot
Step 9: Install via MicroSD (MicroSD Cards only)

This is where that MicroSD-only step comes in handy. Navigate to the "Apply Update From SD Card" menu and select it. Then, select the .zip file named "Your Phone" Update 2. Please wait 10 to 20 minutes while your phone parses and applies the package. It will not look like it is doing anything but it is, so do not interrupt it.

Step 10

Let your device boot. This will again take some time. Once this is done, welcome to OneUI 4!


If you have more than one Update X.zip files, you will have to repeat steps 8 to 10 until you have installed all the .zips. Otherwise, congratulations!

Step 11

With your phone still connected to your computer and in Fastboot, open the Standard Package folder on your computer, then the folder named ADB. Now, press the Windows key and type cmd.exe and open it. This will open the Windows Command Prompt.

Step 12

Drag the file named adb.exe into the Command Prompt window. Then, hit Space once and type sideload. Hit Space once more and then drag the ​​.zip file named "Your Phone" Update 2. Now, you may hit the Enter key and the beta will be installed.

If you have more than one Update X.zip files, you will have to repeat steps 8, 11 and 12 until you have installed all the .zips. Otherwise, congratulations!

Mode DL - EN N10.png
Example of what the Command Prompt should display
Tablettes Samsung-A1M.jpg

Post-installation information

Part 4: Returning to OneUI 3

If you are unhappy with your OneUI 4 Beta experience, then you may go back to the previous release by flashing it. To that end, all you have to do is to open Odin just as you did in Part 2, but instead of using the US FW folder's files, you must feed it the Canada FW folder's files.

Part 5: Restore Canadian features and functions

Some features, including IMS network features such as VoLTE and WiFi Calling, may not be available on the beta. Restoring them is an easy task. All you have to do is to follow the Part 2 steps, though only with the Canada FW's CP and CSC files. This procedure will, however, change the way to get future Betas. See the next section for more information.

FAQ and other important information

Q: How will I know when a new beta is released?

A: Subscribe to my blog! This is where I will post news concerning the betas, including when the new updates are made available on my site.

Q: Okay, I saw that a new update was made available. How do I install it?

A: The procedure differs whether or not you have followed the steps listed on Part 5 to restore Canadian network features and other specific functions on your device.
If you have followed the Part 5 steps, then you will have to reflash the complete US Firmware as shown on Part 2 and follow all the steps, including Part 3.

If you have not followed the Part 5 steps, then that is a much faster process. Simply follow the steps shown in Part 3, though only with the Update.zip that you have just downloaded.

Q: This won't install any viruses on my phone, right?

A: If only that was possible. Without unlocked bootloaders, your device will only flash official firmware made by Samsung. So rest assured, the firmware you are installing has not been altered in any way, and if it had, it wouldn't even install.

Q: What will happen once the stable release is available? Will I update automatically?

A: No. Once the stable release is available, a post will be made on the blog, along with instructions on how to install it. You will not receive OTA updates while on the betas.


Q: I need help!!!

A: Objection, not a question.

Q: What should I do if I still need help?

A: You may either contact me via the Contact page or head to the Samsung Members Canada forum for a potentially faster answer from others. I do not participate in that forum since this summer due to reasons posted previously but there are still knowledgeable people there. You will most certainly get an answer there faster as I cannot and will not guarantee prompt availability due to ongoing personal circumstances.

Q: What do I do if I have more general queries about this tutorial?

A: You may leave a comment on the announcement post, or any other blog post related to the beta. You may also contact me via the Contact page.

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